Friday, January 31, 2014

The Boston Police Strike

The capital of mama Police unwrap The capital of Massachusetts Police Strike In 1919, there was a ordinary agreement that the Boston policemen had a great deal to speak up about. They disliked their hours, engageings conditions and most importantly, their salary. After getting a plague in 1913, the policemen had asked for another raise in 1917 to compensate for the higher(prenominal) wartime inflation. By the time the officers had finally received that raise, the buying force of that limited money had gone down so woeful that the policemen were electrostatic having problems making ends meet. Another point of struggle was the foresightful hours the officers were obligate to work, including a night in the station theater individually week and the special details. Lastly, the police force objected to the conditions that they were force to work in. Men had to sleep in beds infested with all sorts of bugs and on the begrime sheets that were left ov er from the previous occupants. To voice their complaints, the policemen turned to the Boston Social Club, ...If you want to get a safe essay, establish it on our website:

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